Magnum Research Aloha Deagle


The custom Aloha Deagle from Magnum Research and Koted Arms, continues the Warrior Traditions series of firearms honoring the ancient cultures that inspire America’s modern warfighters.

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Polynesian warriors, renowned for their bravery and skill, are celebrated in the gun’s intricate designs. Kākau and Māori tattoos, symbols of strength and mana, grace the firearm, recalling tales of legendary battles and fierce warriors. Island flowers, vibrant and resilient, echo the enduring spirit of these protectors.
The colors chosen were inspired by the white found on the tips of breaking waves, and the many shades of blue found in the ocean. On the grips, a sea turtle symbolizes both strength and good fortune. This artwork is not just an aesthetic choice, but a tribute to a rich cultural heritage that continues to inspire modern-day American warfighters. Each gun features a layered Cerakote finish, hand masked, and topped with pearlescent white, black, and color shifting blue/purple Cerakote clear. Controls are in blue/green, as is the magazine base.
The Aloha Deagle is a gorgeous work of art, but is also meant to be fired. Built on the Magnum Research DE50L6IMB pistol, it is chambered in the popular .50 AE caliber. It includes a 6” barrel with picatinny optics rail and integral muzzle brake, and one seven round magazine.


Barrel: 6”
Length O/A: 10.75”
Height: 6.25”
Slide Width: 1.25”
Weight: 3 lbs. 11 oz.
Sight: Combat type, Fixed
Grips: Custom Engraved Aluminum Grips
Finish: Pearlescent White Aluminum Frame, Steel Barrel and Slide
Magazine: 7 Round


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